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Scout Summer Camp Photographs July 2012 Crawfordsburn Scout Centre

Scout Summer Camp Crawfordsburn July 2012

Crawfordsburn 2012


On Wednesday 25th July 2012 13 Scouts and 3 Leaders with ruck sacks packed headed off from Crumlin to Sunny Crawfordsburn for 5 days of fun filled adventure. On arrival at the campsite tents where pitched and the fun commenced. Activities during the camp included; Sky Runners, Canoeing, Grass Sledges, Assault Course, Caving, Zip Line, Climbing, Campfire and Crate Climbing. All the Scouts enjoyed themselves and managed to complete all the activities without too many injuries. Competition between the Scouts throughout the camp was fierce. Many conquered fears and reached new heights with all doing their best. This included some balancing acts, high climbers and they even managed to sink a few canoes! Throughout the camp we had the joy of random outbursts of “Someone like you” and “We are young” to name a few. We attended a neighbouring campfire made many new friends and learnt a few new songs too. All Leaders had a go at the activities with Nikki, Paul and Martin exerting themselves in ways they hadn’t done in years, with Martin earning the name of Mr Tumble. The weather held up well for the stay with only a few showers plus an extra bonus of the tents coming home dry. Staff at Crawfordsburn Scout Centre where excellent and encouraged everyone to take part in all of the activities. A big thank you goes to Danielle, Stephen, Mr D and Stevo. We hope you all have a great summer break and look forward to seeing you all back at Scouts in September.



Nikki, Paul, George and Martin

The Scouts at Ballyhornan Scout Centre

Scout Trip To Ballyhornan Residential Centre

Scouts Ballyhornen Trip by Orla Stitt & Katie Mulholland.


We went to Ballyhornen on the 4th-6th November 2011. We left Mater Dei at around 7pm on Friday 4th and it was dark when we arrived at Ballyhornen Scout Centre at about 8:30pm.


First of all we got our rooms sorted out, then we went down to the beach to play a few games we played a game with cones and we had to get into out patrols and hide a cone then the other patrol had to find the cone that wasn’t theirs and first patrol back was the winners.


After we played the cone game for a while we went back up to where we were staying and made supper we had burgers and hot chocolate. All of us were in the back room for a while before we headed to bed.

Saturday morning we got up at like 8:00 am and made breakfast then went down to the beach to play a few games.


We played a game where we had to collect different things from the beach and use them to spell out ‘Antrim Scouts Group Glenavy and Killead’ then we had a lunch then went back to beach to play a few more games. We played a game which was a memory one we got playing cards and everyone got into a big line across the beach and the person at the top got a card and had to memorize it and then run to the next person and tell them what the card was when it got the end the person that was at the end had to write the card letter in the sand to see if we had gotten it right after a while of playing those games we went back up to the centre to practice for our talent show the talent show was really good we also had a quiz that night but we never got to finish it.


On the Sunday morning we went to mass then after mass we went to see a St. Patricks well then went back to the centre to get packed up and have a bite to eat. We went for a walk and we all climbed on rocks and rolled down the hill and at around 2:00 we got into bus ready for going home.


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